#AllMinisPainted2019: Census II

Featured#AllMinisPainted2019: Census II

The great census of my mini collection continues. My Death Guard are now entered into Kanban Flow, and I’m moving on to the next army (and the one I plan to complete next: My Dark Mechanicus. I did a big burst on these guys last year, but I stalled out because my airbrush crapped out on me. I’ve got a mix of vehicles and infantry left, but a good portion of the army is done:


  • 2 Magos Dominus
  • 5 Ruststalkers
  • 5 Infiltrators
  • 10 Electropriests
  • 10 vanguard
  • 10 rangers
  • 1 Onager
  • 3 Kastellan Robots w Datasmith
  • Techpriest
  • 6 Kataphron destroyers
  • WIP:
    • 3 Dragoons
      5 ironstriders
      2 Onagers
  • Need to Convert:

  • 40 Skiitari (mix of rangers and vanguard, all WIP)
  • Basically, if I sit down with my green stuff and bits for an evening of work, I can get the rest of this army assembled. From there, painting should be pretty straightforward, but I want to knock out my Death Guard first (might mix some of this in since doing vehicles with the airbrush is kinda fun and I’m done my Death Guard vehicles)

    Episode 1 – Welcome to the Underhive

    Episode 1 – Welcome to the Underhive

    Welcome to the first episode of The Dome Runners, my Necromunda podcast.

    In this episode, we go over what Necromunda is, why you might want to play it, and introduce some of the core concepts of the game. In the future, I play to do a little bit more with the show notes, but I’m in a rush to get this one out, so I’m not bothering with time codes and such for the different segments.

    Next episode we will discuss the Dark Uprising boxed set!

    Rip and Run Intro Scenario Rules

    Battle of the Brutes Arbitrated Scenario Rules

    Podcast Link

    #Inq28 Project: Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Mollard Cruz and Retinue first steps

    #Inq28 Project: Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Mollard Cruz and Retinue first steps

    Starting work on a new inquisitorial warband. Ordo Malleus inquisitor Mollard Cruz, accompanied by his interrogation team, Chastener Androvich, formerly of the Adeptus Arbites, and Dr. Lucian Herrod.

    Given the solemn duty of protecting the imperium from knowledge of the existence of daemons, Inquisitor Cruz is known for the use of the most extreme interrogation techniques employed anywhere in the imperium, some say learned from the study of the Drukhari themselves. It is said not even an adeptus astartes could resist his interrogators, but none have dared to ask whether this claim is merely theoretical.

    This is my first attempt at an Ordo Malleus inquisitor. I generally like to play with lighter armored models, but I do have a particular love for Tartaros Tactical Dreadnought Armour, so I finally sat down and crafted one. The servo skull still needs a little work, and some cleanup needs to be done, but I’m pretty happy with the overall aesthetic. I think my next few additions will be a mystic, and a small crew of naval armsmen made from the Necromunda enforcers. I’ll probably also add the sanctioned psyker from Blackstone Fortress: Escalation, as I assume a daemonhunter would want more psychic backup than average.

    New Project: #NOVAOpen2020 #Necromunda Terrain

    New Project: #NOVAOpen2020 #Necromunda Terrain

    While my focus for this year in hobby has been getting my collection painted, I’ve also been running a Necromunda campaign with some friends and getting regular games in, which has pretty much replaced 40k for me at this point. So, it was fitting when, following playing in the final game of the NOVA Open 2019 Necromunda event, I discovered the previous organizer was deploying and wouldn’t be available for 2020.

    And since nobody else wanted the job, I became the new organizer of the Necromunda event for NOVA 2020. I immediately started working on terrain, and I basically haven’t stopped working on terrain since. I built a sector Mechanicus board with warlayer scenery themed as a food court. I printed a depot’s worth of shipping crates. And now, I’m starting on the Zone Mortalis scenery I’ve always wanted.

    But, back to the bigger picture, I managed to expand the size of the event from 16 to 24, but that does mean I have a dozen tables to do, so I’m planning out themes now. I really think the Necromunda terrain at an event as prominent as NOVA should be not just high quality, but narratively interesting. As a result I’ve brainstormed a list of table themes. Some, like the food court and depot board, are boards I already have. Some, like the utility substation and Synth Still, I’ve started. Others are still buds of ideas I haven’t thought through yet:

    Currently, I’m mostly working on Zone Mortalis tiles, as they should be the quickest builds. my first complete tile got primed this morning:

    Late Update: #AllMinisPainted2019 COMPLETED

    Late Update: #AllMinisPainted2019 COMPLETED

    As I’ve been working through my model collection this year, I have been seriously neglecting this blog. Which is fine, I guess, because I’ve kept up an active twitter presence in its place. But social media is so ephemeral, and not blogging has also lead to me reading and commenting on blogs less. So, I want to rectify that. I’m going to make an effort to make more posts, and more important to read more blogs.

    Now, on to the meat of the post: IT’S DONE! MY YEAR LONG QUEST TO PAINT MY ENTIRE COLLECTION IS DONE! I even managed to finish 11/1, more than a month earlier than My original goal of finishing by New Years Eve. Is everything perfect? No, of course there’s lot of models that could use more painting attention, but they’re all painted to a standard I’m comfortable playing with.

    And to celebrate, I bought more models. And hey, I even painted them:

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Mid-July Progress Update

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Mid-July Progress Update

    So, my ongoing project to purge the gray hordes has kicked into high gear, with summer affording me some time to catch up on the loose, unofficial schedule I’ve been sticking to.

    My Traitor Guard infantry are done, the tanks remain, but I’ve been distracted with some Necromunda painting (and gaming, more on that in a future post). I need to sit down with my airbrush and knock out the rest of the tanks, but I’ve been on such a good run with infantry that I’m considering doing some of my nurgle beastmen too once my necromunda stuff is done.

    Now, how is progress overall? I never made a full and complete inventory, so I’m not able to give a %, but including finishing traitor guard I have:

    • 17 traitor guard vehicles
    • 25 necromunda hangers on
    • 100ish beastmen
    • 20ish chaos knights
    • 25 skaven
    • 20 nurgling bases
    • Plague catapult
    • Plague censer
    • Glottkin
    • Warshrine
    • 20ish arbites
    • 3 taurox conversions
    • 20ish death watch
    • 15 lamenters terminators
    • 35 loyalist Mechanicus
    • 50 genestealer cultists
    • Goliath truck
    • Various terrain

    This may seem like a lot but I’m hoping to have all but my inquisition (the astartes +arbites +Mechanicus) and genestealer cult done by the end of summer break. I’m pretty sure I can do it, which will mean a relaxing schedule to get the rest done, and a new ongoing commitment to build and paint as I buy!

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Census VI Daemons

    One of the armies I’ve had longest, my daemons are definitely one of my most complete armies, with almost every available unit represented. And, since my themed chaos projects in 2014-2017 all featured daemons, a very good portion is painted. But, as with any project, there are stragglers or later acquisitions that need to be brought into the fold. This army is begging for me to pick up the supreme deal that is Wrath and Rapture, but despite my desire for it, I’m putting that kit off as long as possible


    • Jk, not going to bother listing it all
  • Painting:
    • 3 Bloodcrushers
      Skull cannon
      8 bloodletters
      21 daemonettes
      10 seekers
      20 nurgling bases
      6 plague drones
  • To build:
    • None!

    This should just be a simple side project between the big ones, just a few stragglers from my existing daemon armies. Might wind up selling off some of my daemons eventually, as I don’t know how else I’ll ever add more projects once all this is done 😂

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Census V: Beasts of Chaos

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Census V: Beasts of Chaos

    My Beastmen are one of my favorite armies I’ve ever worked on. Started as a sort of budget oldhammer project, I used the poxwalker kit and plenty of conversions to expand this from 70ish Battlemasters models to over 200 (with all the additions being conversions). Unfortunately, the only real downside is that I got bogged down on my last 30ish greenstuff jobs for the remaining gors, and have left dangling completing the army as a result.


    • 2 Bray Shamans
    • 2 Beastlords
    • 60 Gors
    • 30 Bestigors
    • 30 ungor
    • 20 ungor raiders
    • Ghorgon
    • Doombull
    • 3 Bullgors
    • Warhoof
    • 5 Centigors
    • 3 Chariots


    • 20 ungor raiders
    • 10 ungor


    • 6 Bullgors
    • 30 gors

    This should be a quick wrap, even though it is 60 models, the beastmen paint up fast. Might need more gore paint though 🙃