#AllMinisPainted2019: Census II

Featured#AllMinisPainted2019: Census II

The great census of my mini collection continues. My Death Guard are now entered into Kanban Flow, and I’m moving on to the next army (and the one I plan to complete next: My Dark Mechanicus. I did a big burst on these guys last year, but I stalled out because my airbrush crapped out on me. I’ve got a mix of vehicles and infantry left, but a good portion of the army is done:


  • 2 Magos Dominus
  • 5 Ruststalkers
  • 5 Infiltrators
  • 10 Electropriests
  • 10 vanguard
  • 10 rangers
  • 1 Onager
  • 3 Kastellan Robots w Datasmith
  • Techpriest
  • 6 Kataphron destroyers
  • WIP:
    • 3 Dragoons
      5 ironstriders
      2 Onagers
  • Need to Convert:

  • 40 Skiitari (mix of rangers and vanguard, all WIP)
  • Basically, if I sit down with my green stuff and bits for an evening of work, I can get the rest of this army assembled. From there, painting should be pretty straightforward, but I want to knock out my Death Guard first (might mix some of this in since doing vehicles with the airbrush is kinda fun and I’m done my Death Guard vehicles)


    #AllMinisPainted2019 Census VI Daemons

    One of the armies I’ve had longest, my daemons are definitely one of my most complete armies, with almost every available unit represented. And, since my themed chaos projects in 2014-2017 all featured daemons, a very good portion is painted. But, as with any project, there are stragglers or later acquisitions that need to be brought into the fold. This army is begging for me to pick up the supreme deal that is Wrath and Rapture, but despite my desire for it, I’m putting that kit off as long as possible


    • Jk, not going to bother listing it all
  • Painting:
    • 3 Bloodcrushers
      Skull cannon
      8 bloodletters
      21 daemonettes
      10 seekers
      20 nurgling bases
      6 plague drones
  • To build:
    • None!

    This should just be a simple side project between the big ones, just a few stragglers from my existing daemon armies. Might wind up selling off some of my daemons eventually, as I don’t know how else I’ll ever add more projects once all this is done 😂

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Census V: Beasts of Chaos

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Census V: Beasts of Chaos

    My Beastmen are one of my favorite armies I’ve ever worked on. Started as a sort of budget oldhammer project, I used the poxwalker kit and plenty of conversions to expand this from 70ish Battlemasters models to over 200 (with all the additions being conversions). Unfortunately, the only real downside is that I got bogged down on my last 30ish greenstuff jobs for the remaining gors, and have left dangling completing the army as a result.


    • 2 Bray Shamans
    • 2 Beastlords
    • 60 Gors
    • 30 Bestigors
    • 30 ungor
    • 20 ungor raiders
    • Ghorgon
    • Doombull
    • 3 Bullgors
    • Warhoof
    • 5 Centigors
    • 3 Chariots


    • 20 ungor raiders
    • 10 ungor


    • 6 Bullgors
    • 30 gors

    This should be a quick wrap, even though it is 60 models, the beastmen paint up fast. Might need more gore paint though 🙃

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Census IV Genestealer Cult

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Census IV Genestealer Cult

    One of the biggest releases of the last few years for me was the Genestealer Cult model line, an absolutely amazing collection of figures, my aspiration to do a whole army waned after I stopped playing much 40k, but their presence in Necromunda and Kill Team makes them a perfect small force to collect and use (and augment) as needed.

    From the beginning, I’ve wanted to do a cult that is based on a world that has an active chaos uprising. The cultists would be keeping their true identity secret, taking advantage of the tumultuous circumstances to overthrow imperial authority and working their own angle in the background. This is intended to be an homage to the old GSC rules that allowed them to be corrupted by chaos. It could lead to some really cool conversions down the road.

    Anyhow, I haven’t got most of them off the sprues from Death Watch: Overkill yet, but this should be a project I can knock out fast. I’m including my Space Hulk models on the list as they’ll be getting the same scheme:


    • 2 Acolyte Hybrids
  • Painting:

    • Patriarch
      22 purestrain genestealers
  • To Assemble:

    • 4 abberants
      17 Acolytes
      16 neophytes
      2 familiars
      Goliath rock grinder
      2 purestrain genestealers

    I am debating skipping building all of the neophytes right now, as I may want to add new and heretofore unthought of gear during a future necromunda campaign.

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Check in Week 6

    Alright, so the updates fell off quickly after my kitchen construction began. I’ve slowly continued to make progress, I got another two dozen inquisition storm troopers painted, as well as some other acolytes, an inquisitorial taurox and a bloat drone. I finished assembling my plague burst crawler, started my Biologis Putrefier and Foul Blifhtspawn conversions, and got the bulk of my death guard primed.

    At the rate I’m going, I’ll need to be diligent about setting painting goals and hitting daily painting time, even if I don’t manage an hour every night. If I can put in a bunch more big weeks like the first half of January, this project could even wrap early!


    By Monday, February 18th, I will get my plagueburst crawler and all of my plague marines painted. I will get the Spartan’s treads painted and attached, and make the sponson weapons for my remaining predators and plague reaper. I will also paint the command squad for my Inquisition Storm Troopers.

    Conversion-wise, I hope to get 2 more Terminators done, a chaos lord truescaled, and a finish up my Biologis Putrefier and Foul Blightspawn.

    Current goals:

    I will have the Death Guard done in February, and my Dark Mechanicus done in March.

    #AllMinisPainted2019: Census III Renegade Knights

    My renegade knight household is, my model count, my smallest army, but it’s also been one of the most consistently stubborn projects I’ve worked on. Of the 6 knight class vehicles and 3 armigers in the army, only 2 are painted, with two more fully converted and mid paint (going on two and a half years between starting painting and now, too). Nonetheless, with the airbrush and a little pushing myself, I think this could easily be one of the fastest projects of this undertaking.


    • Kytan Daemon Engine
    • Tzeentch Knight
  • Painting:

    • Undivided Knight
      Nurgle Castigator
      Tzeentch Armiger
  • Converting:

    • Khorne Knight
      Slaanesh Knight
      Nurgle Armiger
      Slaanesh Armiger

    The last two big knights are mid-conversion and should only take a day’s work or so to get to the point where I’m painting. The last 2 armigers on the other hand are still on sprue, but should be a relatively easy build as well.

    This army is fairly close to done, with limited storage capacity, I don’t want my knight collection to outgrow my hobby space. My only two plans for additional knights are as follows:

    • A knight Atrapos to use as my chaos Baron
    • One of the new Dominus Knights to do in House Terryn colors as part of a diorama project

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Week 2 round-up

    #AllMinisPainted2019 Week 2 round-up

    Another week of painting done and progress made on the big project. My Death Guard are built, other than the Leviathan and the plagueburst crawler, my inquisition models are coming along, and I managed to knock out all the adversaries from Blackstone Fortress while I was at it. All told, I painted 68 models this week:

    • 35 Blackstone Fortress adversaries
    • 2 additional CSM
    • 10 protagonists from Rogue Trader
    • 20 various Inq28 models I had lying around

    When you add the 86 I got done last week, I’m at 152 models in the first 14 days of 2019! This hobby freight train can’t be stopped!

    I also got the canopies of my death world forest trees airbrushed green, wrapping up another unfinished project.

    Going into this week, my first project is getting my spartan treads painted and onto the beast, that’ll finish that project, and I’m planning to get my last bloat drone painted and maybe get all of them based. I’ll also knock out some more inq28 speed painting and maybe wade into the 36 plague marines and 5 blight lord Terminators I built this week:

    #AllMinisPainted2019: Week 1 Progress

    #AllMinisPainted2019: Week 1 Progress

    The first week of 2019 is passed, time for a check in on my project to paint my entire collection this year. My quest to figure out everything I need to paint continues I’ll be continuing my census of my collection here, my hope is to have it done this month, as it will be crucial to ensuring I am on track and don’t put things off until I’m doomed to failure. Part of me is worried I’ve been putting this step off because I’ll get demoralized and decided I can’t do it, but I know that part of me is wrong.

    Meanwhile, I have been dedicating most of my hobby efforts to getting a good start on the year, painting several hours every day, even getting in a bit of painting when exhausted and wanting to get to bed, etc. As someone who is indecisive about painting and constantly underwhelmed by my efforts, it has been a challenge to keep myself motivated, particularly as I painted 40 poxwalkers.

    All told, I completed the following this week:

    • 40 poxwalkers
    • 20 cultists
    • Dark mechanicus servitor
    • 6 Goliath gangers
    • 3 Escher gangers
    • A Cawdor juve
    • A Van Saar ganger and an arachnirig
    • 2 sloppers, a dome runner, and a rogue doc
    • The 9 adventurers for Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress
  • 86 models! A good start!
  • Now, caveat time, the poxwalkers and WHQ adventurers need bases still, but overall this is a major jump start on this project.