The Children of the Forest: Background

The Children of the Forest: Background


My Nurgle warband, the Children of the Forest, are kicking off. I play Nurgle generally (although my main army are on square bases) so I have a lot of plans for this crew.


The children of the forest are a clan of pestigors that live in the woods surrounding Novum (the free city I’ve created for this project). They have adopted some human customs (keeping livestock and settling in camps) over time, but they resent the human incursions into their land. They regard attempts to clear the forest as an affront to their god (to the simple minded beastmen, the forest is grandfather nurgle and grandfather Nurgle is the forest), and have resorted to a sinister approach to fighting the humans.
The massed forces of the free people, especially when aided by the Stormcast Eternals, made any attempt for an invasion foolish, and the clan hardly had the numbers to partake in such a conflict. Instead, they began abducting the children of the farms and villages near the forest. They raised them as members of the clan, they are wild men, mutated beyond reason and devoted to the tribe beyond question.


The tribe now faces another threat. Khorne bloodbound barbarians have recently invaded the forest, reveling in the thrill of killing the beasts that live there (the same that the tribe feeds upon). The children of the forest must defend their territory if they are to survive.


AoS28: Children of the Forest

AoS28: Children of the Forest

I’ve been building and painting Nurgle models for 10 years, so it’s only natural that I eventually get around to a Nurgle warband for AoS28. I don’t necessarily have an idea of what else I’ll be adding to this crew, but to start we have a marauder and two Centigors.

The marauder is Lok’tel, taken by the children of the forest as a baby, he has been raised along with other humans among the beasts of chaos. He is the leader of the tribe’s marauders, earning the title of chieftain. He’s also one of the faster humans, most of whom have succumbed to the girth that comes with Nurgle worship. He is scouting with two of his centigor brothers, studying a camp of Khorne followers that recently settled in their territory.

The centigors, Jul’ben and An’kar are true followers of chaos. While their kin are often bitter, the embrace of Nurgle has made them joyous, though they are still as simple minded and difficult to understand as the rest of their race. Unlike most centigors, they live in close proximity to the rest of the tribe, taking an active role in defending their territory and even working to ferment spirits infused with the deadly essence of Nurgle to convert more of their kind.

#AoS28 Worldbuilding

#AoS28 Worldbuilding

One of the things that has been challenging for me is the sort of abstract landscape of the Age of Sigmar setting. But, the recent events of the Realmgate Wars have established a foothold of civilization, and what we now have is a completely open canvas, vast and tumultuous. I’m going to be writing up background based on what I feel is necessary to establish a coherent environment to role play, write, and game in. My first attempt is the region of Glyse (Glyse and its foremost city Novun are my own creations)

Glyse, Gyran frontierlands

The region is called Glyse, which is a border territory in Ghyran, ruled from a free city called Novun. Originally an Aelf settlement, the free people erected a stone castle adjacent to the elegant wood structures, and it serves as both a stronghold in times of strife and a hub for commerce and tradecraft. Novun is a dreary and provincial place. The blacksmiths make excellent horseshoes, but their armor work is fairly crude and their arms unimpressive. The Fletcher’s are talented, however, with elvish arrows in ready supply for the many hunting parties that enter the forests and wastes that border the territory.

joost_cornelisz-_droochsloot_-_village_street_-_wga6684The City is a small keep surrounded by bustling markets and shops

dark-fantasy-hero-image-700x485The architecture I envision is closer to this than classic castle designs, but I’m still brainstorming

4395251cce78a9b120969d2cf509cd41The keep itself is well defended, and regional strongholds serve as refuge for the farmers who are too far for regular patrols to reach

It is a time of building, a time of growth. The realmgate wars were won and men retook the lands. The vast landscape surrounding the free cities was settled by throngs of refugees seeking a new life. In these verdant lands, agriculture took hold as chaos receded. In this new birth of life, order took hold, modeled on the tradition of Sigmar. Feudal rule organized the throngs and helped instill martial prowess in this new frontier.


The lands close to Hammerhall may be blossoming, but the forces of chaos have not left these lands, they have only been pushed back.

The great houses hold territory nearest the cities, and the cities increase in size as they get closer to Hammerhall, where the land has been reclaimed longest, while the lesser houses work the rougher soil of recently reclaimed lands. Their borders are met with immense dense forests that take years to clear and which shelter numerous tribes of nomadic raiders, and even occasional tribes of greenskins. The area has been fairly tranquil for the past year, and harvests have been good, upwardly mobile young knights, eager to prove their mettle, organize tournaments. Preachers take up collections and give sermons in the streets outside tournaments. The increase in travel and commerce draws the attention of gangs of fanatical witch hunters, traveling under cover and searching for signs of corruption.


The religious zeal can turn good men into a mob, and some even abandon their old lives to serve the faith of Sigmar.

Khorne #AoS28, plus Empire & Greenskins

Khorne #AoS28, plus Empire & Greenskins

Fresh on the heels of my 10 man/beast man warband, I decided to spend the afternoon doing a bit of conversion on some Khorne models.

I haven’t worked up the fluff here yet, but this group is a barbarian tribe of some sort, descended from when chaos roamed the land unfettered. They worship Khorne and several have been blessed with the visage of a daemon.

Along with the Khorne warband, I’m working up an empire crew from the minis I have left over from the copy of Battle Masters I cannibalized to start my Chaos fantasy collection. I made them a knight to follow, my intention is for this group to represent the household my tzeentch sorcerer lord belonged to before being corrupted by Tzeentch. They hunt the former lord of their lands hoping to restore the honor of their house by ending his life

Finally, I’m working on getting these greenskins together into a crew, but I think I’ll need to buy a character or two to add to the mix. I have 10 boys and like 15 grots (more in a set of foam, intended to serve as marauders in my Nurgle warband – yes, I still believe in chaos orks!).

More AoS28

More AoS28

My dive into AoS28 continues. Last night I put together 6 models, my general and his lackeys. Today I am expanding on the Tzaangors, making 2 new ones and a Shaman to serve as reinforcements once my gang gets going. I also put together another acolyte, this one I am going to over burden with books and other possessions on his back. I also put a potential familiar on a base.

I think this is where I’ll pause with this force, I have some Khorne and Nurgle conversions that could each lead in to their own warband…

Diving into AoS28!

Diving into AoS28!

So, I’ve always wanted to do skirmish scale fantasy gaming. I played Mordheim in middle school, but I didn’t get back into the hobby until my senior year of college. Mordheim was a distant memory, and fantasy was a massive scale game, so I wound up playing 40K.

Since the End Times, I’ve slowly been building a chaos warrior army. I’ve bought almost all of it second hand, and most of my minis are actually old 90s models. I have a big pile of random bits, and I have a ton of bodies, so I’ve decided to dive into a new project: AoS28.

For the uninitiated, AoS28 is a modeling challenge for working grimdark themes into AoS skirmish armies. You can find out more here.

The rules I’m building for are the Hinterlands skirmish system I discovered today.

I’ve decided to do Tzeentch Arcanites, 150 gold gets me:

  • “Lord Brayton Witchblood” Sorcerer Lord, mount
  • “The attending” 3x Karic Acolytes
  • “The braykin” 2 Tzaangors

I’ve converted these guys out of what I had around. Some greenstuff touch ups will be happening.

Hobby Goals: A Complete Table

Hobby Goals: A Complete Table

My gaming board is a multi-year project that I’ve slowly chipped away at, and while I’ve played on it s few times, it’s a source of disappointment that I haven’t finished it yet. Everything is base coated, but there’s a long way to go before the board is really done. As a result, I’ve made my goal to get the board done before the NOVA Open and offer it up to the narrative as one of their game boards.

The board itself is a Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescape, most of the buildings are styrofoam or made using the Confessions of a 40k Addict templates. One building incorporates a plasma globe, and my arbites precinct includes a digital picture frame that can display various propaganda. Behind the precinct is a mantic landing pad.