The bell tolls for thee: ringing in a rot filled new year

This past year saw me make a lot of progress on my AoS army, but while I cruised through getting the core of my beastmen done and got close to the finish line for my daemons, I’ve barely scratched my nurgle mortals and totally stalled out finishing my nurglings.

That changes now. My goal is to get the entire army, including finishing off the beastmen and daemons, done by the end of January, in time for me to buy some of the new models and not add to my unpainted pile. Last year, I said I wanted to get all my models done and into foam, I didnt achieve that, but I did sell off a lot of unneeded minis and got a lot closer to my goal of having a case for every mini. A few additional Plano gun cases and I should have everything I need to finally accomplish this goal.

In the vein of ringing in the new year with the lord of plagues, I started work on my latest AoS28 project: a chaos warshrine channeling the Mordheim plague cart:

Rather than the subdued secret carrier of disease the original model represented, we have a bustling stage that hosts a particularly charismatic blightking known as the carnival barker. This position is one of great honor, as it is the barker’s job to inspire the troops forward with tales of glory and triumph. He performs ritual sacrifices and grants arcane blessings, while the nurglings that adorn his stage recount battles past and entertain with inexplicable performances of their own invention.

The last piece of the model is Mulch, the giant snail steed Horticulus Slimux rides into battle. With some modification, the snail should be the perfect addition to replace the giant chaos trolls that pull the warshrine


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