Now that I’ve finished my 10 short stories, it’s time to kick off the first proper blog post of the year. My Maggotkin army is coming along swiftly, I’ve completed much of the painting so far:

  • 4 Mounted Characters
  • 4 foot characters
  • Gutrot Spume
  • 40 Marauders
  • 30 Chaos Warriors
  • 25 BlightKings

What remains is painting on:

  • 3 chariots
  • 15 marauder horsemen
  • 25 Chaos knights
  • A spawn I just scratch built

What I still plan to add:

  • Glottkin
  • Maggoth rider
  • Festus
  • 5 more blight kings (I need starter set stormcast to convert)

Some photo updates:


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