It’s been 5 years since I started my first steps into Inq28 modeling. In that time, I’ve grown and pushed myself as a hobbyist, doing an annual themed army project, expanding my techniques and tools, etc. How I game has also greatly changed. Where once I was playing in local 40k tournaments to get games in, I now mostly play Warhammer Quest and Necromunda in my basement with a few friends. My old collection spans a wide range of stages in my development as a hobbyist, but it is also kind of sprawling and not much of it is up to the standards I try to hold myself to now. I’m at a point where I have so many models that I’ve left unfinished or would like to repaint that I have a years long backlog. As a result, I’m trying to sort through old projects and conversions, armies and bits on sprue. I want to bring all my armies up to a solid standard while getting rid of some of the fat.

Inquisitor Kryptman, art vs my interpretation

First Captain of the Lamenters, possibly the highest ranking of his Chapter left alive

One of my collections is my Inquisition army. I have the space hulk terminators converted into lamenters, a death watch force, an inquisition army, and a group of arbites i use as guard vets. This includes models I first built 5 years ago as well as minis that i assembled recently. Unfortunately, it is not of a consistent good quality. As a result, I’m going through and cleaning up the models I’m keeping, stripping useful bits off the ones that I’m not, and generally purging the less needed parts. In unison with this project I’m working on coming up with venator gangs for necromunda using the acolytes so I can game with them in the system I’m currently using.

One of Kryptman’s acolytes in full war plate, surrounded by a Deathwatch kill team

3 of Kryptman’s Crusaders

Thus begins Kryptman’s Scouring. A log of the forces Inquisitor Kryptman (formerly of the Ordo Xenos, now nominally stripped of his authority by the High Lords) has brought to bear across the galaxy in his obsessive quest to defeat the Tyranids. This will include abhumans, even some xenos allies, and it will functionally build a few different groups of “acolytes” who would go on to become inqusitors in their own right under his tutelage.

One of Kryptman’s beastman assassins

Another beastman assassin

More Acolytes

Along the way, I decided to pull the trigger on something I’d been wanting to do since I got my Death Watch. Obviously, my Inq28 projects were first inspired by the hobbyists who paved the way in our little inq28 community, and one of the frequent projects I saw in those halcyon days were truescale marines. My deathwatch were originally built out of the marine models that were not much taller than humans, but I didn’t want to convert every single model out of expensive terminator legs etc. Enter primaris marines. I had given all of the pushfit primaris marines i got in the last year to my son to play with. He loves them, but he didn’t have a specific chapter in mind, so we decided to make his first army Death Watch. As a result, I hacked apart the Primaris marines, added the Death Watch parts from the kill team kit as well as several of the models from overkill I cannibalized.

A primaris based truescale marine next to the watch master

Chaplain Cassius

WIP black shield, i need to fix his legs as he was originally a reiver

My first 10 plus heroes

Primaris Captain PIP

All in all, he’ll have roughly:

-15 Death Watch Marines, various armaments

-2 Vanguard/Assault marines (I have a vanguard vets on sprue ive been trying to sell that I may give him in order to make this a unit of 7)

-3 Terminators

-3 Bikes

-Chaplain cassius

-Captain artemis

-Primaris Captain

-3 Inceptors

-2 Razorbacks (I have the bodies, but I want to get psycannons and inquisition rear doors from FW)

-Drop Pod (which not to brag has the awesome armored panels that I think I got from Chapterhouse of all places)

Eventually, I’d like to get him:

-Primaris Librarian

-Primaris Apothecary

-Pushfit Redemptor

-Another kill team

-Corvus Blackstar

I’ve begun the conversion process, but I want to do some sculpting work on a lot of the guys to smooth out the conversions. I’m pretty happy with what I’m building for him here, lots of variety of models, he’s only 4 so he doesn’t need them to be a force on the tabletop, but he can use them when I start teaching him how to play kill team 🙂 I’m going to magnetize the bottoms on all of his models and set him up with a case with a metal bottom so he won’t have to deal with the crappy means of transportation I started with lol.

Most of the Gamg together

Overall, I really am enjoying this process. I’ll finish striping bits off my old marines and sell them off cheap. Next army to get the treatment will be my chaos, where I will probably purge nearly all of the non-cult marines, as I would start over again with primaris conversions if I was going to get them game ready again.


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