Time for me to jump in another challenge (and don’t worry, I’ll have something coming for Dreadtober and orktober this year, and no it won’t be one ork dread). This time, it’s the #BloodBowl28Challenge thrown down by Da Big Boss Red Skullz. The Challenge is as follows:

The Challenge

If you make a single player or an entire team that’s entirely up to you. The point here is to convey the “28” style in your miniature(s). This means you dont have to adhere to existing races and teams nor BB rules. Of course it is a bonus being able to play with what you create but it isn’t a demand as far as the challenge goes.

The only rules are;

  1. No 3rd party models.
  2. Must clearly identify as playing Blood Bowl (helmets, protective gear, football, team colours/marking)

If you’re on Instagram please use the following hashtags;

  • #bloodbowl28
  • #bloodbowl28challenge
  • This way we all share in on the fun underway in the process

    • Part 1 – WiP
      By the end of september have your WiP done.
      Send ONE pic and a few words about it to bigbossredskullz@gmail.com
    • All WiPs will then be shared on the blog with a few comments from myself.Part 2 – Finished mini(s)By the end of October have your mini(s) all done.
  • Send a maximum of THREE pics and a short player bio(s) to bigbossredskullz@gmail.com Part 3 – Wrapping it upHopefully there will be a lot of stuff to sift through and get ready but I aim by mid November to have everything ready.
  • It will be a post featuring all the finished work and who wins the challenge. Determining the winner will be by a panel of judges known from the “28” scene but who aren’t a part of the challenge themselves 
  • PrizeThe winner of the challenge will WIN a box of this excellent new Nurgle Blood Bowl team!
  • Obviously, I had to get in on this. For one, I only have one blood bowl team and could always use another. For another, I have a bag of about 50 Kobolds a friend gave me after he sold his ogres. As a result, I have a lot of raw material for a grot team. All I’ll need to pick up is a Troll, and find a way to convert him a bit, and I have everything I need for the rest (well, I could use some greenstuff, the miliput I bought is just not cutting the mustard).

    Here’s the start of my efforts, kicked off in a spare moment this afternoon:


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