The first week of 2019 is passed, time for a check in on my project to paint my entire collection this year. My quest to figure out everything I need to paint continues I’ll be continuing my census of my collection here, my hope is to have it done this month, as it will be crucial to ensuring I am on track and don’t put things off until I’m doomed to failure. Part of me is worried I’ve been putting this step off because I’ll get demoralized and decided I can’t do it, but I know that part of me is wrong.

Meanwhile, I have been dedicating most of my hobby efforts to getting a good start on the year, painting several hours every day, even getting in a bit of painting when exhausted and wanting to get to bed, etc. As someone who is indecisive about painting and constantly underwhelmed by my efforts, it has been a challenge to keep myself motivated, particularly as I painted 40 poxwalkers.

All told, I completed the following this week:

  • 40 poxwalkers
  • 20 cultists
  • Dark mechanicus servitor
  • 6 Goliath gangers
  • 3 Escher gangers
  • A Cawdor juve
  • A Van Saar ganger and an arachnirig
  • 2 sloppers, a dome runner, and a rogue doc
  • The 9 adventurers for Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress
  • 86 models! A good start!
  • Now, caveat time, the poxwalkers and WHQ adventurers need bases still, but overall this is a major jump start on this project.
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