#AllMinisPainted2019: Census III Renegade Knights

My renegade knight household is, my model count, my smallest army, but it’s also been one of the most consistently stubborn projects I’ve worked on. Of the 6 knight class vehicles and 3 armigers in the army, only 2 are painted, with two more fully converted and mid paint (going on two and a half years between starting painting and now, too). Nonetheless, with the airbrush and a little pushing myself, I think this could easily be one of the fastest projects of this undertaking.


  • Kytan Daemon Engine
  • Tzeentch Knight
  • Painting:

    • Undivided Knight
      Nurgle Castigator
      Tzeentch Armiger
  • Converting:

    • Khorne Knight
      Slaanesh Knight
      Nurgle Armiger
      Slaanesh Armiger

    The last two big knights are mid-conversion and should only take a day’s work or so to get to the point where I’m painting. The last 2 armigers on the other hand are still on sprue, but should be a relatively easy build as well.

    This army is fairly close to done, with limited storage capacity, I don’t want my knight collection to outgrow my hobby space. My only two plans for additional knights are as follows:

    • A knight Atrapos to use as my chaos Baron
    • One of the new Dominus Knights to do in House Terryn colors as part of a diorama project

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