So, my ongoing project to purge the gray hordes has kicked into high gear, with summer affording me some time to catch up on the loose, unofficial schedule I’ve been sticking to.

My Traitor Guard infantry are done, the tanks remain, but I’ve been distracted with some Necromunda painting (and gaming, more on that in a future post). I need to sit down with my airbrush and knock out the rest of the tanks, but I’ve been on such a good run with infantry that I’m considering doing some of my nurgle beastmen too once my necromunda stuff is done.

Now, how is progress overall? I never made a full and complete inventory, so I’m not able to give a %, but including finishing traitor guard I have:

  • 17 traitor guard vehicles
  • 25 necromunda hangers on
  • 100ish beastmen
  • 20ish chaos knights
  • 25 skaven
  • 20 nurgling bases
  • Plague catapult
  • Plague censer
  • Glottkin
  • Warshrine
  • 20ish arbites
  • 3 taurox conversions
  • 20ish death watch
  • 15 lamenters terminators
  • 35 loyalist Mechanicus
  • 50 genestealer cultists
  • Goliath truck
  • Various terrain

This may seem like a lot but I’m hoping to have all but my inquisition (the astartes +arbites +Mechanicus) and genestealer cult done by the end of summer break. I’m pretty sure I can do it, which will mean a relaxing schedule to get the rest done, and a new ongoing commitment to build and paint as I buy!

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