While my focus for this year in hobby has been getting my collection painted, I’ve also been running a Necromunda campaign with some friends and getting regular games in, which has pretty much replaced 40k for me at this point. So, it was fitting when, following playing in the final game of the NOVA Open 2019 Necromunda event, I discovered the previous organizer was deploying and wouldn’t be available for 2020.

And since nobody else wanted the job, I became the new organizer of the Necromunda event for NOVA 2020. I immediately started working on terrain, and I basically haven’t stopped working on terrain since. I built a sector Mechanicus board with warlayer scenery themed as a food court. I printed a depot’s worth of shipping crates. And now, I’m starting on the Zone Mortalis scenery I’ve always wanted.

But, back to the bigger picture, I managed to expand the size of the event from 16 to 24, but that does mean I have a dozen tables to do, so I’m planning out themes now. I really think the Necromunda terrain at an event as prominent as NOVA should be not just high quality, but narratively interesting. As a result I’ve brainstormed a list of table themes. Some, like the food court and depot board, are boards I already have. Some, like the utility substation and Synth Still, I’ve started. Others are still buds of ideas I haven’t thought through yet:

Currently, I’m mostly working on Zone Mortalis tiles, as they should be the quickest builds. my first complete tile got primed this morning:

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