Iron Sleet Invitational final photos

After building my Iron Sleet regiment, I got hit with some hard hobby ADD, as a result, my figs sat unpainted until a few days ago. The deadline helped motivate me to complete mine, even though I never actually officially entered the Invitational… You can see my original post Here.

So, here’s the photo updates:


The mist hung heavily over the fortification, everything outside the instillation dropped with condensation. The slick steel and ceramite surfaces becoming precarious. Suddenly, from the thorny Xenos forest issued a massive explosion. The installation’s outer shell ruptured with the explosion of the armor piercing munition, and suddenly the fury of the chaos gods descended on Nola Outpost.

The forces of the red corsairs have spread wide in the time since the great rift brought a sweeping darkness to half the worlds of the imperium. The exploratory fleet harbinger of innocence came upon the thorn moons entirely by accident. The presence of archaeological ruins hinted at a potential for hidden treasure, so the warlord rapidly descended on the moon with the least hardened defenses.

Companies of corrupt and perverted Leman Russes poured out of landing craft, deploying into dense trees that resembled something close barbed vines. The terrain was rough, but the threads of the tanks slowly moved them into range. As the attack began, infantry support kept the mobile fortresses rolling. It was in the misty, smoky chaos that Kydana Rovek worked, clearing debris, replacing treads, and repairing damage as return fire and aerial bombardment began to take a toll on the heretics.

Suddenly, an explosion ripped a leman Russ in the back line off the ground and sent the impressively heavy tank tumbling through the air to land square onto a chimera, crushing the tank, killing all of its occupants, and triggering a second, smaller explosion as the tanks fuel ignited.

One of the anointed, Huron Blackheart’s most effective and best equipped human soldiers, said a prayer to Slaanesh and sprinted toward the direction of the explosion. Local PDF had clearly managed to deploy a demolition team behind their lines. The nameless figure, known only by his call sign “RG329,” barked orders to the soldiers who formed the techpriest’s guard.

Deg, the sergeant of the squad, jumped to action, flanking the likely location of the saboteurs. As they charged into the dark underbrush, their heavily augmented optical systems saw heat signatures, and the sound of both plasma and auto gun fire briefly drowned out the heavy rhythmic sounds of tank guns. As the shooting abated, the men checked their kills, when suddenly another heat signature flashed into view. As the men took aim, they realized their mistake, for while they brought the assailant to the ground quickly enough, they didn’t have time to outrun the explosion from his dead-man’s trigger.

As deg awoke, ringing in his ears, he pulled himself up and realized he was still in the thorn forest, though the tanks appeared to have moved further toward the ruins. His body ached all over, burns covering much of what remained of his flesh. The tech priest Rovek stood over him, bending down to better assess the damage his modifications of the sergeant had taken.

“You are alive my child, and for that you should be grateful. Most of the men weren’t so lucky. I have my work cut out for me repairing the rest.

Unharmed, the anointed was seeing to one of deg’s men with a missing arm. They loaded the wounded into the chimera, along with anything they could salvage from the dead, and sped off toward the line of tanks closing around the fortified ruins.


Dreadtober: Final Photos

So, October has come and gone and now at 2am on November 1st I find myself posting my final Dreadtober pics. I did also consider a late addition of some renegade sentinels, but time has been tight (ok that’s not accurate, I’ve been spending my time putting terrain together, but that’s a post for a different day)

Anyhow, here’s my new dread in the new color’s I’m going to be using for my death guard when I repaint them.

Inq28 project dump

I had been, up until a fortnight ago, been working diligently to get my daemons of nurgle painted…but as with any project, when I got close to the end I got a bit of wanderlust and accidentally went off the deep end converting minis. 

This is a photo dump of stuff that I’ve been working on but haven’t shared here yet:

Entering the Immaterium Sargassum

A local player and #Inq28 modeler has launched a new modeling and story telling project, set in a rather unique setting, a calm in the warp where various objects stuck in the Immaterium have gathered in a sort of natural gyre. I’ll leave the rest to the quote text. You can follow the project on their blog and on Facebook.

The Immaterium Sargassum

Deep within The Warp there is pocket of stability. Named the “Immaterium Sargassum” by the first explorers to find it millennia ago, this giant swirling vortex within the currents of the Empyrean has collected bits of debris that have chanced by. Over the tens of thousands of years that ships from realspace have traveled the warp, everything from giant fortress ships down to single-occupant shuttlecraft, even the dust and debris that they left behind has entered the Sargassum and never left.

The Sargassum is a flaw in the warp that causes the currents around it to rotate in multidimensional space, pulling in anything it can. But like a planet-bound storm it has an eye, a center of calm at it’s heart. At the very center there is The Filament, a line of light that stretches across miles of what can only be loosely called “space”. The Filament is where all things in the Sargassum must eventually meet their end, crushed into oblivion, expelling hard radiation and chaos energy.

Orbiting The Filament is a titanic conglomeration of ships and other debris known as The Gyre. Ships, asteroids, even ancient space colonies are all crushed together here. A huge, planet-sized bubble of atmosphere has even formed as gas from realspace has accumulated. Lost survivors have made their homes here, scavenging from the strata of ancient hulks that form The Gyre. Entire ecologies of life have made their home within The Gyre, both nourished and warped by the energy from The Filament and the ever-changing atmosphere that permeates the Gyre. New debris is constantly being added to The Gyre as it drifts inwards from the Warp. Ships from thousands of years ago drift in as if no time has passed (and for indeed none has passed for their inhabitants). Technology from all eras coexist together forming a strange, potentially rich resource for those who call The Gyre their home.

Far out from the center there are other smaller collections of matter, each whirling in minor eddies of Warp energy, themselves orbiting the gigantic central core. The space between is alive with Warp energy…and the life that has arrived and evolved in the spaces between the gyres. Even some spacecraft have maintained enough integrity to continue to navigate The Sargassum (if not escape it)…or been engineered by the inhabitants of The Sargassum to travel from gyre to gyre.

The Gyre is, naturally, rife with conflict. Ancient tribes who have lived their for millennia contend with newcomers for the limited resources of The Gyre. Ancient horrors from the Warp itself manifest within The Gyre, eager to feast on the rare psychic emanations of the life that clings to the rare accretion of matter within The Warp. Raiders make their bases within still functional spacecraft, or within smaller gyres, leaving only to pillage what they can from other survivors. Some inhabitants of the Sargassum have even arrived with purpose, somehow becoming aware of existence, seeking its mysteries for unknown reasons.

This is The Gyre. This the Immaterium Sargassum.

Now. A mysterious ship has entered the Sargassum. Under power and clearly able to navigate within the Sargassum, it travels towards the central gyre. Is it a way for survivors to finally leave The Gyre? A source for new technology? Or just full of energy to be siphoned off. Groups from across The Sargassum rush to this mysterious and disruptive newcomer, each with their own motivations, and each willing to fight and defeat the others to claim their prize.

In honor of this project, I am working on a new version of famed Inquisitor Kryptman, based on the only official artwork I could find (plus a piece of fan art). Now, the model is far from done, but i wanted to share the work so far:

Kryptman was leading an incursion onto a space hulk he believed to be infested with Genestealers, backed up by his acolytes, the Death Watch, and terminators from what remains of the Lamenters chapter’s first company. Soon after they boarded the ship, something incredible happened: the genestealer cultists jumped the enormous ship into the warp, only for it to be caught in the calm and slowly drift into the gyre.

In that time, cultist and acolyte alike fought daemons of all varieties, as the ship completely lacked a gellar field.  Now, as the ship slips into the vast expanse of lost things, the imperial survivors prepare to launch an assault on the hulk’s controls. Meanwhile, the residents of this bizarre place have noticed the new visitor and are beginning to weigh the cost of raiding the ship for scraps.

Ex Profundis Monster Contest WIP

So, Ex Profundis has a contest on to build monsters you’d encounter in the wilds of the mortal realms. I happen to love monsters, in fact, I’m trying to spend the next year or two converting every chaos monster in the books. So, obviously, I should be participating. 

I’ve posted about this before, but this is my Cockatrice for my Beastmen, a little closer to final form:

I need to do a lot more sculpting of skin detail, smooth things out, and decide what I want to do with the tail.

Obviously, this creature bears little resemblance to the proud and horrifying cockatrice of the old world, this beast was once birdlike, before its ancestors settled into the Virolex swamps in Ghyran. Mutating to the whim of the patron deity of the swamps, Nurgle, the Plaguetrice has become wormlike in appearance, its head twisted into an insectoid monstrosity, its wings virtually all shed, the flesh underneath raw and infected with hideous pustules. Truly, a horror to behold, smell, or even describe.

Dreadtober: Death Guard Helbrute

So, it’s Dreadtober again, and while I haven’t painted an astartes since the last of my thousand sons last year, I am a fan of participating in hashtags…so, I bashed this little beauty together to serve as my Fire support in a Death Guard detachment due to their very nifty mobility. I may also convert a bit and paint up another, I haven’t decided the configuration yet…


I also went ahead and put together my Plague Surgeon conversion…believe it or not I actually built a version of this guy from mostly these parts 5 years ago, but wound up breaking it down and reusing the parts elsewhere…only to come back together!